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    Gear special machinery and equipment What advantage?


    Gear parts is an important basis for all kinds of machinery products to transmit power or movement, a common type of gear from the structure divided cylindrical gears, bevel gears, gear and other non-circular, divided from the tooth involute gear, pendulum line gear, arc gear. Gear manufacturing is indeed a specialized field, specialized production needs with the use of special tools and special equipment, which is due to the gear manufacturing batch mode, efficient production needs of formation. From the transmission principle, the ability to implement motion or power transmission gear tooth there are many, but most of the actual use of the above-mentioned or several, one reason is because they have a good transmission performance, on the other hand can be used special equipment, special tools for their high efficiency, high-precision machining is also an important reason they are widely used. Therefore, continuous research has long been a variety of gear machining special machine tools, special tools, specialized processes to meet the needs of various industrial fields for various gears.

    Conventional gear cutting machines, most of which are based on the principle of meshing gears, the use of roller gear Qiefa Jia workers, part of the molding process using the gear, the main Movement machining tool and the workpiece between the gears which is equivalent to a pair of gears meshing or the relationship between sport rack. With digital technology, gear processing machine processing efficiency and processing accuracy is further improved, but the basic working principles have not changed.  

    5 generic 5-axis CNC machine tool is mainly used to implement the processing of complex surface parts. Gear tooth surfaces are a special class of complex surfaces, in theory, as long as a mathematical model to solve the problem of numerical control programming, the use of 5-axis and 5-axis CNC machine tools milling cutter can be processed in any tooth gear surface. Therefore, 5-axis CNC machine tools 5 has a special advantage in addressing new gear tooth surface machining.

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